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OMC Cobra and King Cobra Identification
    Standard OMC Cobra 

Fits: 4.3 V6, 5.0  5.7  5.8 V8          1986 - 1993                                                              Fits: 2.3, 3.0   4 Cylinders              1986 - 1990 
2.3, 3.0 have standard upper gear housings and smaller lower housings, until 1990.  

1990 and up have larger V6 and V8 lower housings  

All have vertical shift rod center of upper housing.
 OMC King Cobra                    "Baby King"                    Clutch Dog Style                                                
Fits: 7.5  V8  460 Ford                  1986 - 1989                                                     
Same upper housing as standard Cobra, with larger lower housing, larger and stronger internal components.   
Lower skeg is recessed back from front edge of lower housing. 

Vertical shift rod, center of  upper housing.
 OMC King Cobra                    "Daddy King"                   Cone Clutch Style                                                
Fits: V8's, small & large block        1990 and up                                       
Much larger upper housing with rounded top and sides.

Lower housing slighty smaller than "Baby King", with larger skeg starting from front edge of housing. 

Shifting is done with a cable.  The attaching point is port side, on the front face of drive.                                        
OMC Cobra Quick Facts
Standard OMC Cobra   2.3L, 3.0L, 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 5.8L
            Produced 1986 – 1993

  OEM parts are readily available for these units.  Built properly, these units will last for the life of the boat.  The main issue with the shift dog clutch units is the shift cable maintenance.  All the cables manufactured, stretched and caused shifting and adjustment issues.   It is of the utmost importance, that all shift components are kept in good working order.  This includes shift cables, control box, pivot arm, shift arm and pivot arm bushings.  
  There should be a 1” brass fitting with a grease zerk in it, on the starboard side of the gimbal housing, just in front of the drive mounting area.  If this is an aluminum plug, you probably have the original bushing and shift components.  These should all be checked and the brass bushing installed.  Our warranty is contingent upon the shift system being in good operating condition.  

OMC King Cobra – Clutch Dog Style “Baby King”  
     Produced 1986-1989

  All OEM gears and most other parts are still available on these units.  Propshaft carriers and upper driveshaft bearing retainers are now N.L.A.  We manufacture these parts as needed and have a good supply of core cases and parts on hand.  We will continue to manufacture parts as needed to support these units.  All the shift cable issues apply to these units as well.  These are very tough units, maintained properly.  Most of these units sit behind 460 Fords, another very reliable piece, it’s a hard package to beat.

OMC King Cobra – Cone Clutch Style “Daddy King”  
     Produced 1990 & up

   A good number of the OEM, key parts, are now N.L.A. for these units.  We do some repairs on these units, depending on the particular issue.  There are some new and used units still out there, every once and a while we find a good used unit.  Please proceed with caution when buying used units.  Most of these units have issues that could end up costing big money in the end.  
  We will be happy to advise and assist you in the “pre-buy” process of these units.  We will also help you explore the possibilities of repowering your boat, economically.  

REM(R) Polish 

Key Components
Strength and Durability

                                     ​Core Policy 
Core charge is subject to inspection of the core and it is deemed to be rebuildable. Cases, shafts, retainers and carriers must be good. Any parts necessary to make it rebuildable, will be deducted from or may exceed the core charge. Customer will be responsible for any amount that exceeds the core charge. 
All American Drive Service
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