Custom Rebuilding Your Outdrive:
If you prefer to have your own cases custom rebuilt for whatever reason, custom rebuilding our customers cases has made us what we are today.  We treat your case as if they were our own and return them in the same or better condition cosmetically. This service is generally accomplished in 3-10 working days. Otherwise, a replacement drive can be shipped.  

Phone Assist:
Do you need help removing and reinstalling your outdrive?  In boating season, reputable marinas generally have a long service line.  Outdrive and gearcase problems can definitely impact ones summer fun.  No longer do you have to wait. Our phone assist program is there to help our customers who are purchasing outdrives from AA Drive Service. One of our technicians will help you remove your outdrive, help you with a simple crating process and walk you through the re-installation.

Problem Identification:

Do you need a drive rebuild? 
      Do you know what's wrong with your drive?
      Would you like a second opinion?

Do you have oil leaking out of the case?  
       You may need a reseal.  

Did you have some knocking when you turn the steering wheel? 
      You may need a set of u-joints.  

Do you have a roar in the rear area of your boat?  
      You may need a gimbal bearing.

Warming up a little bit at idle?   
       It could be a water pump. 

Knocked your skeg off or have a broken cavitation plate?  
       You may want to have your case repaired.  

These issues do not necessarily mean you need a rebuild, you may just need a repair. We receive drives from all around the country, on a regular basis, for as needed repairs.   

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Rebuilding Marine Outdrives 
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The Rebuilding Process: 
  Includes carefully disassembling, cleaning and inspecting of all cases, parts and components. All cases and components are checked for tolerances and wear. The drives are then assembled with precision, to exacting manufacturer's tolerances, with new original factory parts.  This includes but is not limited to, new gears, bearings, clutches, seals, u-joints, gaskets and water pumps, if applicable.  The outdrives are then pressure tested and filled with high quality synthetic gear oil.  
  Our goal is to supply our customers with the best precision outdrive rebuilt with factory original parts.  We are former Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo Penta dealers and factory trained technicians, who have been rebuilding these drives for many years.       We are very particular about our work and set these outdrives up to the absolute top of the specs.  The more precise, the longer they last.  Factory OEM cases and parts, are the only parts used.  This product, with proper care and maintenance, will last you for the life of your boat.  

This two year warranty includes parts and labor.  The warranty does not include issues covered by insurance.  It does not cover damage due to owner neglect.  The warranty requires that proper routine maintenance be performed, according to the owners manual maintenance schedule.

REM(R) Polish 
Key Components for Strength and Durability

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