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Boat Outdrive Repairs
Two Year Warranty
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Outboards - We remanufacture most common outboard lower units.  
Please call for quote.
Case Repair - A complete line of welding services: skegs, cavitation plates, bullet nose and nose cones, case holes.  Case repairs are done within reason with structural integrity and safety coming first.  It is then warranteed for two years. Above are pictures of extreme damage to a Bravo and of the repairs and drive, completely refinished.  
Shaft repair - Repairs and straightening of shafts within reason.  Hard chroming for the shafts you can't find anymore.  
Corrosion Repair - We repair corrosion on outdrives, to the point that it doesn't exceed the cost of a new or used case.  Above is a corrosion repair of a Bravo upper.
Boat Repairs - Many of our clients bring their boats from other states to have them repaired.  We offer a full line of repair services at our facility.
Phone Assist  - For our customers who are purchasing an outdrive, we will assist you.  We advise on the removal of your drive, walk you through a simple crating process and help you with the reinstallation of your drive.

Parts - Rebuild parts for most sterndrives, gimbals and outboards.
Refinishing and decals - The rebuild price does not include refinishing of the case or decals.  This will be quoted on a per case basis.  We can refinish to any level of perfection you would prefer.  Otherwise we do what is necessary to protect the drive components.  Above are drives that have been refinished in our facility.
Cryogenic Services - Cryogenics is a process developed by NASA and the military to treat both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  The process is designed to align molecules and eliminate voids in the molecular structure of the metal alloys.  Most high grade alloys benefit from a gain in strength and a times three, gain in the life of the component. 
REM(R) Polishing - The REM(R) process is not a polishing process but rather a finishing process. REM(R) is a chemically accelerated process involving a chemical interaction on the surface of the part.  This is accomplished in a two step process.  REM(R) polishing reduces friction, vibration, and reduces lubricant temperatures.  This greatly reduces wear and lengthens the life of the part.  
REM(R) Polish 
Key Components for Strength and Durability

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